Aspiring Architect & Activist
I grew up in suburban Connecticut as a child of two immigrants who owned a Chinese restaurant. Growing up, I devoted myself to my family, to my studies, and to volunteer work as a tutor. Eventually, inspired by beautiful structures and the potential of buildings to impact the future, I chose to study architecture. While I initially intended to focus solely on sustainability through the application of architectural technology in bamboo construction, I have come to realize that sustainability must extend far beyond just environmental sustainability; that it must reach out a hand to those who are under-served, that it must consider what lies beyond the building, that it must address the complex network of issues in which we find ourselves tangled today.
I'm currently in my fifth year as a student at Carnegie Mellon University in the Bachelor of Architecture program and am also pursuing a minor in Intelligent Environments. I'm working on a thesis exploring the role that the renovation of single family houses in Pittsburgh plays in stabilizing existing residents of communities and in addressing the lack of affordable housing. I am also in the progress of looking for a full-time position starting in the Fall of 2020.
After graduating in May 2020, I hope to learn and gain experience in architectural, sustainable, urban, and public interest design in an environment that fosters creativity, facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration, and advocates for change through design work and thinking. 
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